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To the PGR (Our New Extended Family),

On Behalf of the Kerbe Family we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the entire organization for supporting us in providing a respectful memory filled Memorial Event in honor of our Father Vernon Kerbe.

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the manner in which every member of the PGR extended the utmost respect, honor and emotional support to the family and to our Father on a personal level. The amount of effort on the part of the Ride Captains was evident by the way this mission was carried out focused primarily on Safety, Honor to the Veteran and Family.

All riders who committed their time to our family were eager to meet all of us and show their undying respect for our Fathers service to this great country and provide emotional support for the family.

We are making an effort to put into words here something that words alone cannot come close to doing justice to.

Let it be known that this event coordinated by the PGR has restored our families faith in the fact that we the people, still show resilient strength, care and a deep affection for our brothers and sisters who have fought to support the freedoms we all enjoy. 

We want all of you to know that we have exhausted our vocabulary and barely scratched the surface of what we are feeling. Thank you to all who participated in this event and it is our hope that the best my brother and I can do is to be the type of members of the Patriot Guard Riders that will continue this tradition and level of support for other Veterans and their families in need of our services.


Pete Kerbe and Terry Kerbe (Brothers in Arms), Lynn Kerbe Daughter and the Kerbe Family



Dear Sir,
Our names are Calvin and Lee-Ann Forsythe and our Beloved Son is LCpl Marc Leeland Plotts, USMC.  We wanted to express our immense gratitude to the Virginia Patriot Guard for their presence and service on April 8th and 9th 2010 as they Honored Our Hero as we laid him to Rest at Quantico National Cemetery. Our lives are forever changed and the loss is immeasurable, but the respect and love for the fallen that the Patriot Guard express is second to none and so very appreciated by our entire family.
Marc is Our Hero, Son, Brother and Friend. At 20, he was taken from us, but we are blessed to know that Marc missed no opportunity in his short life.  He never put things off "until tomorrow", he was the true meaning of Carpe Diem.  Marc knew he wanted to be a United States Marine his entire life, there was no other path he considered.  He delayed his departure for bootcamp until there was an Infantry opening, he said he was "going to make a difference" and he could not do that from behind a desk.  His friends, Drill Instructors, and Seniors/Officers all described Marc as one of the most dedicated, motivated and hard charging Marines they had ever met. Marc is an original.
I wanted to tell you all a little about the Angel you so kindly and beautifully honored on the path to his final resting place. Our hearts swell with pride knowing that Marc had Heroes and Patriots such as yourselves to call him Brother in Arms. Thank You is not enough to say, but please know that it is filled with Appreciation, Love, Honor, Respect and Unending Gratitude.
Please pass our message to anyone who may have participated in Honoring Our Beloved Marc, and all of your Members as they make time for America's True Heroes!
With Love and Gratitude,
Lee-Ann & Calvin Forsythe
Proud Parents of LCpl Marc Leeland Plotts, USMC
"If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's Scene
They will find the streets are Guarded by
United States Marines"


Tony and all Patriot Guard Riders,

I want to thank you and all the riders for what you did for my family at my Dad’s, Buford Eanes, funeral on Monday, November 9th. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it makes me very thankful there are people like you who volunteer their time and efforts to support our veterans. What you did meant more than I can express. Keep up the awesome job!!!

I hope all of you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Ray D. Eanes, CMSgt, USAFR


We would like to thank all of the Patriot Guard riders who participated in the funeral service on 27 Oct 09, for R. Wendell Midkiff, of Hampton, VA.  They rode and stood with such dignity and pride, Wendell would have wanted to join and be one of them. The plaque that Johnnie George presented to our family today honoring Wendell's service, means so much to us, and the many condolences sent from around the country have touched our hearts so deeply.  Thank you again for your volunteers and the great service you provide to veterans and their families during these sad and difficult times.

The R. Wendell Midkiff Family


James and fellow Patriot Guard Riders,

We would like to thank you for your support after the death of our son and brother SGT Paul E. Dumont Jr. Walking away from the Arlington ceremony to find you saluting the passing of a great patriot who died while serving our nation was one of the most moving sights I have ever seen.  Thank you for bringing even more honor to Paul’s memory.


The Dumont Family


Mr. Borling,

I wanted to thank you personally for putting us in touch with the Patriot Guard Riders.  They had such a strong impact on yesterday's ceremony.  As I told David Sloan, there were a number of family and friends who wanted to know all about what they did.

We appreciated the way they honored Dad and the family.  It was very moving to speak with each of them after the grave side service.  They are so special!

Thanks again! 
Darlene Burchfiel



I wanted to thank you for the participation of the Patriot Guard Riders at my Dad's funeral (CW4 Edwin F. Bauer, Jr) this morning.  We were so touched at the way in which all the riders honored Dad, and their quiet spirits as they stood to honor his memory.  My husband also told me that as the Chaplain and the others soldiers with him left the area, they went over to where the riders were standing, and saluted the riders!  I'm sorry I missed that part.

My sister and I took the time to thank each of the riders individually, and they all were so gracious.
We had so many of the friends and family to comment on what an impressive addition the riders were, and most wanted to know how we came to know about them.  We explained that Mr. Borling, our daughter's professor from grad school, made us aware of the riders when she talked to him about missing the first day of class today.  If my Dad had known about the riders, I have no doubt that he would have been "ordering us" (as any good CW4 would do) to have them participate. He would have been so honored to know of their involvement in today's ceremony.
Please express our thanks to all who participated in honoring Dad today.

Thanks again,

Darlene Burchfiel, for the family of Edwin Bauer


Thank you Woody for your support and the Patriot Guard Riders last night. It was a great moment when the riders approached and greeted the Soldiers and their families last night. The riders brought tears of joy to the Soldiers and their families for supporting and escorting the 622nd MCT's deployment journey last night. Please tell all the riders my deep appreciation for their support of the troops. I will send pictures asap.
I definitely will keep in contact for support of these troops home.

Thank you,

Lisa Monroe, 53rd Trans BN
FRSA (Family Readiness Support Assistant)



I saw your team website and I was compelled to send you a personal note. I was at SSG Ryan Means funeral in Arlington last Monday. I want to thank you and your group for honoring our friend. I knew Ryan for almost 15 years and he was very special friend. I know he would have appreciated what your group did to honor his memory and those of his fallen comrades. Personally, I regret I was too overwhelmed with grief from the loss of my friend to take the time to shake each person’s hands. Each of your riders is truly a great American and I should have thanked each of you in person.

We truly appreciate all you do to for those who have passed in service to our country. On behalf of the Atlanta friends of Ryan, thank you all.


As Ryan would say ‘Keep on rocking in the Free World’.

God Bless,

Jeff Clark



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